Custom Modifications

One size does not fit all. There are occasions when an E-Commerce store may require customization of the Advanced Shipping Manager to meet the company’s needs. Contact us, we can fully customize the Advanced Shipping Manager to meet your company’s unique shipping needs.

Here are some examples of customizations we have done in the past:

**Create a customization that allows customers to make a purchase using their Tax ID code.

**Allow customers to enter their own UPS/FedEX account numbers so they can pay for shipping by using their own account.

**Customize a method by which ground shipping methods (UPS and USPS) are compared, and the cheapest rate is used in conjunction with a free shipping promotion.

**For merchants who use dropshippers, we created a method that compares the cost of item(s) vs. the most distant shipping origin. This is to determine a discount that would lower the shipping rate, while still generating an acceptable profit for the merchant.

For more information and for a quote, please contact us at 1-888-546-4932, and our specialists will be happy to assist you.

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